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Hotel Escorts in Miami

Ask any man if he has ever been out with (or in) an escort and the response you'd get would be the equivalent of asking your goldfish if it needs a bicycle: a blank stare and utter silence. Of course, the men will eventually deny it or casually change the subject.

Now only a very nave individual would believe that most men have never called an escort service for one of their babes. Otherwise, how would these places with names like Pussycorps and Glamour Girls be in business for so long, and with such success? Yeah, now that's food (or vagina) for thought.

So what's all the hype about? Why do gentlemen insist on ordering women over the telephone (or via the Web) rather than find themselves long-term girlfriends that might actually be worth the investment? Well, there are a multitude of reasons and all of them aren't horrible ones either.

who likes pricey prosties?

Men who choose to opt for escort services aren't all horrible individuals with the morals of Charlie Sheen. Some guys are actually pretty hot looking and wouldn't have a hard time landing dates with most any woman they want.

But many men who date escorts do so because they simply don't have time to do the courting that is required when trying to find a date (or even maintain a relationship for that matter). For instance, traveling businessmen usually don't have the time to find a date and so they opt for an escort.

Why not get an escort? After all, he can have her custom-made to his preference (long blonde hair, green eyes, 5'10", in a black evening gown) and there's no awkwardness regarding sex and the like because hey, if the price is right, then the night's his night.

Most of these well-paid women provide beautiful representation and look good on a rich man's arm. And the outcome (literally) is known beforehand rather than debating if he's going to go in for a kiss and risk rejection. It's clear-cut and understood right from the start.

Besides businessmen, men whose professional life is the only life they really have also opt for the dough-loving dames. Doctors, lawyers, scientists, and what have you usually can't make time to go cruising for babes come the midnight hour so they simply give their local Madame a call and get their groove on.

beauty & the beast

Sometimes there are guys who simply aren't able to close the dating deal because they lack, umm, a rich personality. They're good-looking and have just about everything most men would want — but unfortunately, their personality is so unsophisticated and abrasive that they repel most women — women with depth anyway.

And then there's those guys who have great depth, but don't have the physical attributes of, say, Pierce Brosnan. Therefore, because these guys have such a difficult time getting conversations started with beautiful women, they choose to pay for beauty instead.

Is the result always sex?

Realistically, however, how many men will pay a given amount for a beautiful woman and not want to get her naked in a horizontal position come the night's end? Which brings me to my next reason for why certain gentlemen decide to make their dating repertoire consist of 800 numbers found in the backs of gentlemen's magazines.

i would never do that

I receive tons of e-mail from men who are upset because their women refuse to provide certain sexual favors for them (you all know who you are), and these are guys who have women by their side. Now considering that some guys don't like dealing with gals who find fellatio appalling, or think that anal sex is only for homosexuals, they opt for escorts who will come on over and do exactly as they say.

Which guy wouldn't want to tell his woman to take off all her clothes, get on all fours on the bed, and seductively tell him to come and penetrate her? Being able to direct these women and make them perform sometimes peculiar sexual favors is also part of the beauty of the whole thing.

It's hard enough for guys to land a date nowadays, let alone guarantee a night of satisfying sex, so they opt to delve into the "barter dating system." Now obviously, if a man's attached, what he needs to do is get home to his lady and try to communicate what he wants from the relationship rather than unzip his pants for a beautiful stranger to greet his penis. But if he has no family obligations nor a woman waiting at home, then perhaps this is not such a bad option for lonely or busy guys.

So long as they use sufficient protection (no, not "she's on the Pill" — but rather "I double-bagged it") and there is two (or three, or four) consenting adults involved, then escorts might seem like the only way for some guys to get up, get on, and get off.

no condemnation

Obviously, my standpoint is that men that choose to set themselves up with escorts are not horrible people, but rather they're simply guys that need to be with someone at a given time without the hassles of having to deal with the dating game, the "I'll call you"s, and the lonely nights spent with pornography and a jar of Vaseline.

Then again, some guys like to ensure that if they're paying for dinner, then their woman of the evening is going to provide dessert. What these gentlemen don't realize is that by not taking the time to find a woman who will love them for more than just a $150 to $4000 an hour, they will ultimately end up in a lonely place with no one to care for them.

Remember guys, certain things may be gratifying momentarily, but ultimately, you only get what you pay for.

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