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On Thursday last week, Mrs. Young dropped in to see me at the clinic for a chat. "You're looking remarkably well," I greeted her as she entered my office. "Your trip to Geneva has certainly done you a lot of good. When did you return home anyway?" I asked. "Two days ago," she replied. "How was the effect of the Cialis drug for premature ejaculation and the China drug you bought for the enlargement of your husband's penis?" I enquired. At this point, she burst into tears and it was extremely difficult to console her. She caught her husband for the third time with a 'call girl' at Allen Avenue, Ikeja, Lagos.

Every driver that wants an accident-free trip must drive safely, have a good car, know his road signals, have good driving skills and be a very good observer. This is also true with sex in marriage because marital sex is a journey and not to be done in a rush; sex in marriage really makes marriage what it is.

Those who want to succeed in marriage give their sex life a lot of attention. What makes marriage different from every other relationship is sex. When couples play down on their sex life, marital destruction is inevitable. Any spouse that does not see sex as something needful, legitimate, delightful and pleasurable might soon be 'replaced.' For no reason must a spouse 'beg' or 'plead' for sex from the other partner. Rather, sex should be mutually given at all times.

Do you know that the nervous system in the human body is connected to the sex organs, and every sexually-deprived husband or wife will naturally be nervous? While this does not only lead to anger and tension, it increases the stress level of such individual. Everything must not be the way you want it. The opposite of selfishness is self-denial. When you take any sexual decision, not minding the consequence on your spouse, you are digging a grave for the union. Always put yourself in your spouse's shoes. So, in this series, we shall be studying six reasons married men run into the arms of 'call girls,' regardless of the fact that they are successfully married.

Reason one: The desire for adventure, exploration and wild-lovemaking drives many married men into the arms of 'call girls.' From childhood until date, there is one thing that is universal to the human race and that is the desire or taste for 'something new,' desire 'change.' The best way some married men fight monotony and boredom is to go out to see what is happening 'elsewhere.' If you will all agree with me, there is really no difference in the female sexual organ. The breast, vagina and buttocks of the wife at home is the same at the market place and all over the continent. Nevertheless, the differences seen in the same material coming out as different products 'of class' is in the freshness, packaging, style, skill, approach, cleverness, expertise, method, fashion and colour. When sex between couples is always in the same place, with the same nightdress on the same bed in the same position, it does not only become tasteless, but outdated.

Wife, when your innovation level is zero, lifeless and sex had become a dull non-erotic obligatory routine-duty that must be carried out, your husband is secretly looking for a way out. Don't be predictable: make a conscious effort to dish out pleasant surprises, just as you dish out difference type of meals, stew and soup. Let your sex timetable consist of African, China, French and intercontinental dishes.

Stay sexy for your husband: don't take him for granted; encourage his sexual advances and exploitations. Invest in some sexy lingerie that flatter your figure and shape. Wear his favourite perfume that you know always turns him on when you are in the mood for sex so when he gets a whiff of it, he knows the next action to take. Men love subtle seduction. Husbands are visual and are attracted to what they see. Wear an attractive 'G' string and sit opposite him and just open your legs slowly, innocently and seductively, or lie seductively naked in an unusual position that is irresistible for him.

Add some spontaneity to your sex and romance. Jump at your husband when he least expects it. Have sex at unusual times and places; treat him to an erotic set-up, flirt and laugh with your spouse. Having a great sense of humour is a good recipe for a healthy sex bed. It is disastrous for a wife to always lie like a log of wood and wait for her husband to make the first move. Ninety per cent of married men love to see their wives take sexual initiative and be in charge. It sends erotic feelings down their spine and opens up their wallet to sign any cheque.

Reason two: They hate the same style of sex. For a change tonight, lie on your back with a pillow under your head, your legs in the air as straight and high as possible. While kneeling (his chest at your calves), your husband can push your legs to one side slightly then lean forward, and enter you. He can place his hands on the bed or floor on either side of your upper body for support. Why this will keep him away from the 'call girls' is because keeping your legs up high and close together creates a super-tight fit, which means goose-bump-inducing friction for you and your man. And since he is entering you at a slight (about 30 degrees) angle, you both get a down-there sensation that's very distinct from what you're used to in the missionary or doggy position. You can take one of his hands to your clitoris for him to stroke while he pumps away, or just lie back, luxuriate in how oh-so-fabulous your body feels, and know that the view of you writhing in ecstasy is also making him howl.

You can experiment with the alternating bending of your knees a bit and opening your legs slightly. With each move, you will both experience a completely different grip and feel. Since the snug fit will loosen a little and the angle of entry will change, mixing things up this way will make your desire seriously take flight.

Alternatively, you can lie on the floor or another flat surface face up, with your legs bent under your thighs and your arms raised straight back over your head. Have your husband lie on top of you face-to-face, his legs straight and his hands gripping either your shoulders or your sides. Once you have squeezed the pose so that it is comfortable for you both, he can penetrate you with wide, circular motions or deep, up-and-down thrusting this will not only erase the 'call girl' memories, he will sign off his weekends for you.

Unlike other deep-access positions, this one allows for optimum eye contact, kissing, and touching. He can play with your breasts with his hands or tongue, and with your hands above your head, it is up to him to triple your pleasure. With your legs bent under you and your arms straight over your head, your back will naturally be slightly arched. You will find that his penis will reach even deeper delights.

'Call girls' are expert when it comes to giving sex in a standing ovation. What stops you from learning the secret 'trade brand' of a 'call girl' and doing likewise; face your husband, standing with your legs shoulder width apart. Take your left foot and turn it out to the side while keeping your right one facing forward. Have him widen his stance, with his legs about three feet apart, and then ask him to bend his knees ever so slightly. Wrap your arms around his neck and have him put his arms snugly around your lower back. Here is where it gets a little tricky: Pull your right leg up and place your right foot on his left shoulder, keeping your right knee bent. As he slowly enters you, ease into the vertical split by sliding your calf as far up his left shoulder as you comfortably can.

There is a reason husbands are drawn to this style. The flexibility is h-o-t, so, do this one and he will worship you as a sex icon who knows how to stretch sexual boundaries. Pressing your husband up against a wall will help both of you keep your balance and force him to relinquish all power over to you. To him, there is no bigger turn-on, and if this be the case, what is he looking for outside?

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