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How to become a Miami Escort?

NYC Elite Escorts

Are you that exceptional, beautiful young woman we are looking for?

We continuously accepts applications from exceptional, beautiful young women with the talent and drive to transform themselves into elite, prestigious models that can live the life few women ever dream of. Escort Club Miami is looking for exceptional young women who wish to join our organization as an introduction-model. We welcome your application: if -

* if you are stay in great shape: working out,healthy diet.

* if you are -sophisticated and independent, 21-30 years old,

* if you are in perfect health and pursue a healthy lifestyle,

* if you are charming, well mannered and articulate,

* if you have an open and adventurous mind,

* if you fluently speak English.

* if you have an accommodating and versatile personality,

* if you feel comfortable in a variety of social situations and in business circles,

* if you thoroughly enjoy spending time with our demanding clients.


Experience shows our clients are very reluctant to make bookings with girls with multiple piercings, tattoos . Please consider this carefully when applying because there is little sense in starting a cooperation if we can not get you any bookings. Furthermore your application will be rejected if you are less than 21 years of age, if you hop from agency to agency and if you have no other part or full time occupation.

If you feel you meet these requirements, apply to join us

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